Thursday 22 December 2016

Bonne fin d'année!

Je prend un petit pause, jusqu'au 3 janvier, 2017

J'ai apprécie énormément les moments de partage en 2016 et c'est avec plaisir et gratitude que j'attends avec impatience et passion nos prochains rencontres.
Om Shanti,

This year has challenged all of us in so many ways, and it is my hope as your teacher that you have found some moments of peace and grace on your mat and in the between spaces in your busy days.  I feel enormous gratitude for the gifts that come from this practice and particularly for the sharing that comes from being a teacher and being a part of your lives.
And for all of you new to me, I am happy to have shared a moment with you in 2016 and look forward to many more.
Om Peace,

Tuesday 15 November 2016

Fifth, Listen

Strive to understand

Credit to all photos Chérif Ezzeldin

Fourth, be content

Third, give

Because we need each other.

Second, practice truthfulness

And integrity.

Respond to the call that excites your spirit.  Rumi.

Every journey leads home to the Self.

First, do no harm

Be unafraid.

Be the change

Seek truth.

Wednesday 9 November 2016

For my students who inspire me

Be the change

After I pick myself up and get my heart off the floor, it's time to roll up my sleeves and get back to work.

Centre de Yoga du Marais
72, rue du Vertbois
75003 Paris
0033 (0)1 42 74 24 92
0033 (0)6 31 91 92 12

Tuesday 6 September 2016

La Bonne Rentrée

Dear Everyone,
Looking at the calendar and year I realize I have written 15 Welcome Back to School, Welcome to the Fall newsletters.
This means the babies back then are 15 years old.  I’m not, but I feel the same.  My exuberance for this time of year stays the
same and I look forward to welcoming you back to the Center.

I hope this finds you fulfilled and replenished having a summer break and your memories are good company.  I feel blessed and
fortunate to have had such an amazing summer in beautiful places with beautiful people in my life.

The news it's all here on the website and some new fun pictures to look at also on the blog.

To nourish body and soul this month’s mediation will be cleverly catered by Lionel who has created some real taste bursting vegan dishes.
When:  Sunday September 25, 19h00, meditation.  We dine at 20h00.
Where:  Centre de Yoga du Marais and we continue monthly meditations at the end of each month.

Don’t forget to check the dates of The Raja Workshops and let me know if you are attending.

Wishing all of us a bright beautiful, peaceful year ahead.   


En regardant derrière moi, je réalise que j’ai maintenant rédigé 15 newsletters de rentrée, et 15 newsletter d’automne. Ce qui signifie que les bébés de l’époque sont maintenant agés de 15 ans. Si je ne suis plus une adolescente, j’en ai toutefois gardé l’esprit. Mon exubérance pour la période de la rentrée reste intacte et j’ai hâte de vous retrouver au centre du yoga.

J’espère que cet air vous trouve requinqués et que les bons souvenirs de l’été vous sont de bons soutiens. Je me sens heureuse et chanceuse après l’été que j’ai pu passer, entourée de gens merveilleux. 
vous retrouverez des photos postées sur le site, ainsi que sur le blog.

Pour nourrir le corps et l’esprit, la méditation de ce mois-ci sera accompagnée par de très bons petits plats véganes spécialement préparés par Lionel.  

La date : Dimanche 25 septembre. Médiation à 19 heures, repas à 20 heures.
Le lieu : Au Centre de Yoga du Marais, et rendez-vous chaque mois pour les méditations.

N’oubliez-pas les ateliers de Raja Workshop, et dites-moi si vous comptez participer.

Je vous souhaite à tous une riche, brillante, et paisible année.


Monday 27 June 2016

Summer Hours

Les Horaires de l'été 2016

lundi            18h30-20h00      Michelle hatha doux     juillet/août
lundi             20h15-21h45       Valérie/ Carole apd 18/7   juillet/août

mardi           07h30-09h00     Cameil niv. I     jusqu’au 19 juillet
mardi           19h45-21h15        Michelle niv. II            juillet/août

mercredi      19h30-21h00      Michelle niv. II/III     juillet/août

jeudi             14h00-15h00       Michelle yoga thérapie  juillet
jeudi             19h30-21h00       Michelle niv. I             juillet/août

vendredi       19h00-20h30     Carole yin     1+8 juillet

samedi         10h00-11h30       Michelle niv. I             juillet/août
samedi         12h00-13h30       Cameil niv. I     jusqu’au 23 juillet

Reprise de tous les cours 1 septembre 2016

Tuesday 10 May 2016

USF Dance in Paris Graduation Day

It is with deep honor and respect for my students' paths of self-inquiry that I publish some of their essays from the
Hatha and Raja program, January-April, 2016.
Student essays can be found on the yoga Immersion and Training Tab.

Congratulations all of you on your completion of this broad international experience!
To that light within you!

Wednesday 30 March 2016

Update! Sintra Portugal August 7-14.

Update for the Sintra Yoga Retreat.
There is one more double room left, with private bath.  720 euros for 7 nights and 7 days of yoga twice a day.  Please see Yoga Retreats here and on the website for more information.

Booking information:   There is one more double room left with private baths 720 euros for a 7-day yoga retreat in beautiful Sintra, Portugal.   Rate includes breakfast and picnic lunch.  

If you cancel before June 1 you will receive 20% of your deposit back.  Any cancellation after June 1 is not reimbursable.  Thank you and looking forward to guiding you in this beautiful place.  Namaste,  

Monday 21 March 2016

Ça y est, le printemps est là

“Yoga does not just change the way we see things, it transforms the person who sees.”
– B.K.S. Iyengar

Dear Yogis,
Have you ever felt that moment that shift when suddenly you didn’t react to a situation in a way you always had before, you broke a habit that wasn’t the best thing for you.
That’s yoga working for you, and it always amazes me how the changes just creep up on you.  We all can become the change we want to see in the world.  And these changes
can’t help but affect others, as well.

Springtime reminds us that we can always start over, we can be like the shoots of new life, pushing through the soil toward light and everyday doing the best we can.

Our classes at the Center will always support you on your journey and we will be there when you fall, and need some help, too.  It’s life and we are in it together.
A number of us are giving workshops and here is a little click to list to see some of mine and if any of these offerings appeal to how you would like to nurture your
practice this Springtime.

April 3 Heart-Opening Chakra no. 4 practice.  A revitalizing practice that will clear out congestion so that we can open and breathe around the heart and shoulder area.
13h30-16h30 Sunday, Centre de Yoga du Marais. Details available here  

Sign-ups are available now for the summer retreat in Sintra, Portugal this year.  August 8-14.  It’s a delightful week of yoga and outdoor sports for the athletically adventurous or the pool and nearby beach for those inclined to recline for a week.  All details here as well as opportunities to visit the UNESCO heritage sites, an easy day trip from our beach. Details available here

Please note the Center will be closed for the Easter holiday, Friday, March 25-Sunday, March 27.  We are open Easter Monday, March 28.

Breathe, it’s Spring, we made it!

March 1, My French Birthday 15 years

Le Centre de Yoga du Marais
fondé novembre 2001.

I’m still pretty proud of that moniker as when I came to Paris, March 1, 2001 (my 15th birthday is around the corner), there were hardly any yoga centers in Paris.  The ex-pat community is and always was very well organized here, so it was easy to make friends and when the word got out I was a yoga teacher I was busy, busy, busy.  There were no yoga classes in English, and everyone I met was eager to get back to a yoga practice which they had abandoned when they left their community.

I was so busy in fact, that it was my fiancé’s idea to get a place for me and have students come to me, rather then spend much of the day on Paris metros giving private lessons to everyone from the well-heeled in fashion and industry to young students on trust funds who were in Paris finding themselves.  I found the center when I was walking my beloved cocker spaniel Lucy, who moved to Paris with me from New York.  We lived and still live in the 3rd arrondissement which I am sure we will never leave, I absolutely adore this neighborhood.   Rue du Vertbois at the time was a street of rather dodgy store fronts, but we saw potential and the space we chose is just behind the renowned Conservatoire Arts et Métiers and has an unobstructed view of the 13th century tower of the Benedictine monastery, and the largest remaining portion of the ancient crenulated Roman wall which marked the city of Paris. Victor Hugo saved this tower and the fountain on the corner from demolition with his words in 1882, "Demolish the tower, no!  Demolish the architect, yes!”  This corner has a lot of spunk and it was for me.
The most important aspect?  The ancient-beamed ceiling of the studio was just high enough for a space to reach up and stretch in.  Those who know the Marais, know it is old and rooms are tiny. 
This one worked.   Michele, then fiancé, and I bought it together on Halloween, we opened on Thanksgiving , 2001, flew to New York 2 weeks later and got married there in City Hall.  2001 was a very big year.  My Italian husband moved here to the Marais permanently in 2002.

Although, I run the center and its programs, my first love is and always will be teaching, the regular schedule, seeing the students come in every week catching up with them.  I know them all by first and last names.  I’ve helped a lot of moms bring their babies into the world when I headed the prenatal program for 9 years.  Then the first of it’s kind in Paris in French or in English and I started Mommy and Me, as well.  It’s been a profession immeasurably rewarding.  I still stay in touch with many who have moved away, as this is a high-transit city, and feel happy that there is this space that people can come to, to reconnect with themselves and to just be.  Many have told me that the classes at the Center was their favorite experience while they lived in Paris.  I feel the Centre de Yoga du Marais is my legacy and will be here for all the beautiful teachers who want to teach there for a long long time.

Monday 4 January 2016

Bonne Année 2016!

What is a Yoga Therapist?

Dear ones,
Many of you have asked, What is the difference between a yoga class and a yoga therapy session?  Do I need one?  How am I feeling managing the demands of the day to day?  The yoga therapist’s job is less about teaching the traditional yogic techniques we learn in hatha yoga and more about helping the individual overcome challenges and gain independence.  Examples include helping the student with pain management, fatigue, sleeplessness, digestive issues….The therapist’s role is to empower the student to be the actor in their self-care.
In the yoga therapy session, after an assessment, the therapist will focus on specific symptoms that are troubling the individual either in a private session or in a small group, giving them the tools to manage these symptoms.  These tools can be in the realm of physical movement, breathing techniques, visualizations and feedback gleaned from observing and listening.

Yoga Therapy responds to these particular ailments:
How can I effectively manage my pain, back trouble and chronic digestive issues?

Which practices can I do for joint, respiratory or neurological issues?

How does my breath influence my emotions?  How do I meditate?

The individual is at the center of the practice.  To be human is to have a body, a heart and a soul.  Yoga responds to all of this.
This year has challenged all of us in so many ways, and it is my hope as your teacher that you have found some moments of peace and grace on your mat and in the between spaces in your busy days.  I feel enormous gratitude for the gifts that come from this practice and particularly for the sharing that comes from being a teacher and being a part of your lives.
And for all of you new to me, I am happy to have shared a moment with you in 2015 and look forward to many more.
Om Peace,

Qu’est-ce qu’un Yoga-thérapeute?
Un nombre de vous me demande qu'est-ce que c'est la différence entre un cours de yoga et un cours fait a mesure, comme la yoga thérapie?  Est-ce que  j'ai besoin de cette approche?  Le métier de Yoga-thérapeute n’est pas tant enseigner les techniques de yoga mais plutôt comment aider les autres élèves à affronter ses défis et gagner en indépendance. Par exemple, aider les yogis dans leur difficultés dans la pratique, affronter la gestion de la douleur, la fatigue, le manque de sommeil, et les soucis de digestion. Le rôle du thérapeute est d’offrir du pouvoir à celle ou celui qui pratique le yoga, afin de les aider à se prendre en main. 
Lors d’une session de yoga thérapie, après une évaluation, le thérapeute se concentrera sur un symptôme en particulier, qui affecte un individu (ou groupe d’individus) et offrira au groupe les moyens de gérer leurs symptômes. Ces outils se trouvent dans le domaine de la pratique physique, des mouvements, des techniques de respiration, de visualisation et de feedbacks observés ou reçus.

La Yoga Thérapie répond les questions suivants:
Comment lutter efficacement contre le douleur, le mal de du dos, les troubles digestifs chroniques?

Quels exercises pratiquer lorsqu'on souffre de troubles ostéo-articulaires, respiratoires ou neurologiques?

En quoi la respiration influence-t-elle les émotions?

Quel sont les bienfaits de la méditation et comment bien la pratiquer?

Le concept le plus important est l'individualisation dans la yoga thérapie.  Etre humain c'est avoir un corps, un coeur un âme.  Le yoga répond a une triple demand.  Chaque patient et un être unique.  (idyt)

J'ai apprécie énormément les moments de partage en 2015 et c'est avec plaisir et gratitude que j'attends avec impatience et passion nos prochains rencontres.
Om Shanti,
Upcoming Events
  • 2016 the year.  La Joie même dans les difficultés, elle est toujours là.