Wednesday 23 May 2012

Open all Summer - reduced schedule

Planning Ahead   Le Centre reste ouvert.

July 1 - Aug 31  Reduced schedule.    Les horaires de l 'été.

Juillet/Août  Summer Schedule
18h30-20h00 Michelle niv I

14h00-15h30 Maud Niv I   Août 8 ,29)
19h30-21h00 Michelle Niv II/III

19h30-21h00 Michelle Niv I/II

10h00-11h30 Michelle Niv I/II

Meditation for the Summer Solstice, Sunday June 24, 18h30.
Chakra chanting, Chants on the color of the sun. Bring a favorite percussion instrument if you like, I have plenty at the Centre. Bring a friend! We're going to make some sound for our beautiful Earth. 

Thursday 17 May 2012

Yoga on the Road

Yoga on the Road.  Taking your Practice with You

I was invited by Female Business Traveler to submit an article for their blog which you can see below.
It's a real nice blog and nice idea.  Here is more:

On a recent quick turn-around trip to Milan I had in my light tote one change of clothing a few toiletry essentials and most importantly  what I need to move my practice into a hotel room.

After several years of travel for business and pleasure, it’s as easy as a snap. Sometimes I find a local drop-in yoga class to join and sometimes I prefer to practice in my hotel. You can transform any hotel room into a sacred space with a few items that won’t even weigh 500 grams. I discovered this light weight roll out travel mat a few years ago that can roll or fold or be squished into your backpack or large purse. It weighs 400 grams and will protect your skin from the hotel room carpet.

Because we don’t have carpeting at home, I for one, love hotel room carpets and this particular one at the Best Western in Milan was extra thick and supportive and very clean. Also the hotels are happier when you don’t use their towels for your practice and you get all the qualities of a good sticky mat with support with this travel mat on a carpet or a floor.

To create a space to enter into your practice I bring a little votive candle and something close to my heart from my altar. It could be a photo of a loved one, a picture or object from nature. Anything that inspires you. I also bring a tiny vial of lavender essence which has the dual ability of relaxing you or energizing you and helps with jet lag, too. Put a little essence in your palms and rub them briskly, then place your palms gently over your eyes, this will also help move you from this hotel room to a wider broader experience of connection which is what we love about our practice. Mostly, once you are in your room it’s important to listen to what your body needs. Calls can easily be held at the desk and you also have the luxury of being called when you know your practice needs to finish.

There is so much wall space, usually and I like to begin by getting the heaviness out of my legs from the journey by legs up the wall pose. Hotels give you extra pillows and blankets which can be used as restorative props as well and they can be placed on your nice sticky mat rather than the floor. Heavy curtains dim the light and there you have a beginning to where the practice will take you.

For yoginis who like to do more advanced inversions, I also like the wall and carpet as a nice support in handstand and headstand, holding for several breaths in ujaii breathing. These are wonderful postures to move you into a time zone which may be different from the one you left. They leave you invigorated and refreshed.

Before going to sleep rather than falling asleep with the TV on, how about finding a quiet corner to sit and reflect on your day? From here you tune into the wave like rhythm of your breath and this can evolve to a breathing practice you like. Having a little ritual to blow out the candle each time helps you to remember to do this and you will have sweet dreams.

I found my 2 days feeling like 4 in Milan. Besides the meetings there was so much time to see the city to sit long hours at tables laden with delicious fresh food in restaurants and trattorias. I know I attribute this to taking the time I need for my practice.

If you are ever in Paris, and find it difficult practicing alone in your hotel or just want some company then we welcome any female business travellers for a drop-in yoga class.

Let me know how you do!

Yours on the mat,

Michelle Jacobi

Wednesday 2 May 2012

Hello Everyone,
Please refer to the blog here for all updates while the website is being worked on.

Update - There is a lunch time class every day.  Suraja's 10h00 class on Wednesday will now be held at 12h30.

Update -  The next mediation will be May 20, 17h30.

All classes will be held during the holidays this month.
Thank you