Thursday 17 September 2009

Sept news plus yoga mats

Dear Everyone, (francais a suivre)

I hope you are well and surviving the bustle that is the rentree. There is one more thing you may wish to consider. To keep yourself healthy through this flu season you should have your own mat. I will continue to provide mats at the centre for general use until the end of October when you will need to bring your own. For brand new tryouts to yoga I will keep three cleaned ones on hand for the very beginner and will start to stock new mats at the centre for you to purchase if you don't want to find one on your own. There are so many mats and styles available at various prices. Here are some ideas:

They yoga boutique at Sivananda. 140 blvd Faubourg St Martin
Resonance in the Pyramid du Louvre
Go Sport

I am keeping the old ones for you to use as undermats when the weather gets cold for insulation, so no worries, I will not be putting rubber into the landfill! For carriers, I will have a lookout for those, too and you can always fold up your mat and put it in a totebag as well.

On the topic of your health, I am changing the focus of our next yoga workshop to be a practice that will boost your immune system. I will provide a number of ideas to augment your practice to keep you healthy. It will be a strong heating practice.
Sunday, Sept 27 13h30-16h00. Price of the workshop is 35 euros or 30 euros if booked and paid before.

This Sunday, Sept 20 is our meditation evening at 20h00. The meditation will be guided with a sutra study for those of you curious to go deeper in the yoga philosophy. We will have a light tea afterward. The mediation is always open to all.

Looking forward to catching up with you all!