Saturday 27 October 2012

November news and meditation Sunday, Oct 28

Bonjour à tous!

Just to let you know all the classes are being held during the holidays and I am teaching on Nov 1, as well. I am teaching community class on Nov 5.

Tomorrow we change the clocks back an hour and we have meditation at 19h30 followed by our sharing a meal.

There will be a workshop on Nov 18 on the chakras and yoga's impact on the endocrine and nervous systems. We will learn what chakras are made up of and how to enhance their positive aspects as well as dissolve the over-dominant aspects which can reside in each chakra. This is a three hour practice and you will be given material. 13h30-16h30, Sunday, Nov 18.

Updates: November is the last month I will teach the level II/III on Thursdays at 16h00. This class will be held on Fridays only from 12h00-13h30.

Time change for Deborah, Tues at 14h00 is now moved to Thurs at 12h30-13h30 and will be a one-hr lunch time class. Deborah will also keep teaching from 17h45-19h15.

Stay warm, be happy, breathe, and devote your practice to someone/something you love.



Bonjour !

Tout d'abord, le Centre reste ouvert pendant les vacances scolaires et tous les cours ont lieu, à part les cours pour enfants. J'enseignerai le 1 nov, et guiderai aussi le cours communautaire du 5 novembre à 11h30. On change une heure en arrière ce soir et demain la médiation aura lieu à 19h30 suivi pars un repas.

J'organise un atelier le 18 novembre, sur les chakras et leurs effets sur nos systèmes endocrinien et nerveux. On y apprendra ce qu'est un chakra et comment augmenter les effets positifs et équilibrer les aspects dominants de chaque chakra. Ce sera une pratique de 3 heures, et vous repartirez avec de la documentation. dimanche 18 novembre 13h30-16h30

Mise à jour du planning : novembre est le dernier mois pour le cours niv. II/III le jeudi à 16h. A partir de décembre je donnerai ce cours uniquement le vendredi 12h-13h30.

Autre changement : le cours de Deborah du mardi 14h se déplace au jeudi 12h30-13h30 pour un cours de pause déjeuner, dès le 1er novembre. Elle continue d'enseigner les jeudis 17h45-19h15.

Soyez heureux, restez au chaud, respirez lentement et profondément, et dédiez votre pratique à une personne/une cause que vous aimez.


Wednesday 10 October 2012

October news

Dear Everyone,
My big news this month is I am a student again, too.  This weekend I start my training as a Yoga Therapist, a program that is new and developing around the world and France has one of the only certified programs in the West.  I will be in classes a few weekends a year at l'hôpital Lariboisière.  Here is the link if you are interested in reading about it.  Institute de Yoga Thérapie.  How the body heals and reacts to our environment, internal and external has always fascinated me and I am looking forward to deepening my knowledge in this field.

Therefor I have a replacement for this Saturday's 10am class, and the next Saturday I am in training will be Dec 1.

Thank you for coming in such numbers to last month's meditation and our October meditation will be October 28, at 19h30.  I would like to have a Halloween theme for our feast after our sitting so if you are participating and would like to stay and share a meal together, maybe you can tell me what you have in mind so I know what kind of Halloween dish to prepare.  Many of you know I love this holiday.  Dress up if you want. :)

A bientôt

Om peace,