Monday 30 December 2013

Gratitude for 2013

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Resting and abiding in the quiet hours left of 2013, I am thankful for this year stuffed with opportunities to grow and to study. To teach and to share.

I am grateful to all those around me who continue to make me feel so happy.
Who teach and give and care.  Who share their love laughter and friendship.

And make me glow a little brighter inside just knowing they are there.

2013 was a beautiful year.

With love and appreciation,

Monday 23 December 2013

Holiday Schedule through Sunday, January 5

Come on in we are open!

Holiday Schedule for Dec 23-Jan 5, 2014

Tuesday, Dec 24 12h30-13h30 with Ann

Thursday, Dec 26 19h30-21h00 Michelle 

Friday, Dec 27 10h00-11h30 prenatal with Sharon

Saturday, Dec 28 10h00-11h33 Michelle 

Sunday, Dec 29 Community with Petros

Monday, Dec 30 18h30-20h00 with Michelle 
Monday, Dec 30 20h15-21h45 with Caroline D

Thursday, Jan 2 19h30-21h00 with Michelle 

Friday, Jan 3 19h00-11h30 prenatal with Sharon

Saturday, Jan 4 10h00-11h30 with Michelle 

Sunday, Jan 5 Community with Caroline D

Return to regular schedule January 6.  Happy New Year!

Sunday 17 November 2013

12ème Anniversaire de Centre de Yoga du Marais Dec 15

Dear Friends,              

Here's a little heads up.  We will have a party on Dec 15, to celebrate oh, so many things!
It's that time of year!  And the Centre is 12 years old.
Feel free to sign the doodle and let us know what you can bring.  Bring any and all friends/family you like!

You can also RSVP through the Doodle and don't bring a thing, but your happy company.

We are looking forward to having a toast with you.
Michelle and Michele
I will be in California from 24 nov-9 dec.  Our lovely staff is covering all my classes.
There is one more minor detail to be completed on two edges of the floor, and this will be done in December.
But the floor is down and it's beautiful!

See you soon for any of our activities at the 'new' Centre de Yoga du Marais.
And Happy Thanksgiving, too.

Bonjour mes amis,

Notre Centre fête le 12ème anniversaire ce mois, venez nombreux pour notre célébration
Vous pouvez RSVP par Doodle ou par cet email.  Votre famille et amis sont aussi bienvenue.

Je serai en Californie avec famille pour notre fête de 'Thanksgiving', et l'équipe au Centre 
s'occupe de tous mes cours.
Je vous souhaite un très joli passage sur le nouveau sol au Centre, il manque juste une petite détaille,
qu'on peut faire en décembre de mon retour.  Mais le sol est fantastique!

A bientôt au Centre!

Centre de Yoga du Marais
72, rue du Vertbois
75003 Paris
0033 (0)1 42 74 24 92
0033 (0)6 31 91 92 12

Monday 7 October 2013

Yoga Marais App! Oct-Nov news

Hello again Dear Students!
The Centre de Yoga du Marais is presenting at Yoga Festival this weekend.
Please come and have a look at this huge yoga event:

We are in Stand H4 in the south village.  I will give a class in Salle GA on Saturday,
at 5pm.  This class is free.  I would love to see you there!

You can download now your free Yoga Marais App from the website homepage!

Next full moon meditation, Oct 20. 19h30, followed by a little dinner together.
Please bring what you would like to share.

The Centre is getting a facelift-on the floor.  Remember there will be no classes
between Oct 30 and November 6.

Anatomy for our Interior world.  Yoga and Emotions, our internal organs.  Workshop Nov 17, Sunday 13h30-16h30.

The Centre will be 12 years old in December.  We'll have a new floor to inaugurate!  Shall we have a winter party this year?
Namaste to you all, part of Yoga Marais history, near and far.

Bonjour chers élèves,
Le Centre de Yoga du Marais se présente au Yoga Festival, le weekend prochain.

Les détails sont en haut.  Aussi, les détails pour la prochaine méditation.

Il reste encore des places pour le prochain atelier de dimanche en novembre, 17.  13h30-16h30:

Le Centre sera fermé juste pour les dates 30-oct-6nov pour l'installation d'un nouveau sol, chaud et beau pour l'hiver!  On peut fêter après!

Yoga Marais App est disponible sure le site, pour votre portable android.

Namaste a tous de mon coeur pour votre présence dans l'histoire du Centre pour notre 12eme anniversaire.

Michelle Jacobi

Monday 9 September 2013

Atelier de dimanche

Sunday workshop
Anatomy for Hatha Yoga
Sept 29, 13h30-16h30 with Michelle

Dear Yoga Students,

The goal of this workshop is to bring more awareness and clarity into what is happening in each of our bodies during our yoga practice.
Since no two bodies will ever move in the same way due to our unique individuality, no two bodies will feel the yoga poses the same way.
We will look at our anatomy in relation to the others in our classroom and learn how we can go deeper in a pose and why we sometimes simply cannot.
We learn when it is muscle resistance or bone resistance.

To practice yoga it is a good idea to know and understand some basic principles of anatomy and I would like to help each of you
go deeper in your understanding of the physicality of Hatha Yoga.  Part One Structural Anatomy.
Sept 29, Sunday 13h30-16h30.  45 euros

What is happening in our internal organs and how are the postures compressing on the meridians of the liver, kidneys, gall bladder, spleen and heart?
This is a yin practice and we move into postures and remain there to awaken the energy these organs require to function optimally.
Part Two  Anatomy of Internal Organs Nov 17, Sunday 13h30-16h30 45 euros.

The workshops can be taken individually, special price 80 euros if you take Part I and Part II.

I will be teaching in Greece until Sept 23.  Your reservations are good and you can pay your deposits from the 24th when I am back, to confirm.   
If you do not hear back from me, you 
are in the workshop.  

The Centre will be closed for some happy developments from Oct 30-Nov 7.  If the new floor is ready for us sooner it
will be sooner.  We are getting a new warmer floor installed just in time for winter.  Stay tuned!


Chères élèves,
Le but de cet atelier est d'inspirer plus de conscience de soi et de clarté sur ce qui se produit dans nos corps lors de la pratique du yoga.
Puisque il n'existe pas deux corps qui bougent de la même façon à cause de l'individualité unique de chacun d'entre nous, il n'existe pas deux corps qui ressentent les postures de yoga de la même façon..
Nous allons explorer notre anatomie par rapport aux autres élèves et nous allons apprendre comment aller jusqu'au bout d'une posture et pourquoi tout simplement nous n'y arrivons pas.
Nous allons apprendre quand il s'agit d'une résistance musculaire ou d'une résistance osseuse.
Pratiquer du yoga est une bonne idée pour connaître et comprendre les principes basilaires de l'anatomie et j'aimerais bien vous aider tous à approfondir la connaissance de la physicalité du Hatha Yoga.
Première partie: Anatomie Structurelle
Dimanche 29 septembre, 13h30-16h30. 45 Euros.

Qu'est-ce qui se passe au niveau des organes internes et comment les postures compriment-elles les méridiens de foi, reins, vésicule biliaire, rate et coeur? 
Il s'agit d'une pratique yin: nous entrons dans une posture et y restons pour réveiller l'énergie dont ces organes ont besoin pour fonctionner au mieux.
Deuxième partie: Anatomie des Organes Internes
Dimanche 17 novembre, 13h30-16h30. 45 Euros

Vous pouvez participer à n'importe quel atelier, toutefois si vous souhaitez vous inscrire aux deux il y aura un prix spécial de 80 Euros.

Vous pouvez réserver et verser un acompte à partir du 24 septembre, dès mon retour de Grèce où je tiendrai des cours pendant dix jours. Si je ne reviens pas vers vous, c'est que votre place est confirmée. Je ne vous recontacterai que s'il n'y a plus de places de disponible.

Le Centre sera fermé du 30 octobre au 7 novembre pour une très bonne raison: nous allons poser un nouveau sol, plus confortable et chaud. Si on arrive à terminer le travaux avant, le Centre rouvrira plus tôt. 

À suivre!

Monday 2 September 2013


Today I wanted to post a beautiful reading from one of the inspirational writings of Zen master,
Nissim Ammon, which touched me.


by Nissim Amon 
A coral reef is a place full of life and vibrant colour, where hundreds of different species of fish and plants live free of the need to criticize each other. Although an immense variety of life exists there, every plant knows its place and each and every fish knows exactly where it belongs. Once in a while a human diver appears with a mask and air-tanks, and like everybody else down there, he is not critical either. The diver enjoys being a visitor to the underwater world, observing the richness and beauty of Nature without judgment.

Things change the moment the diver steps out of the water and back onto dry land. Dry land accommodates an infinite variety of humans, humans however seem to have innumerable opinions about each other, so the game of criticizing one another, is one of their most favourite pastimes.

On the human reef, we sit on small balconies, observe our neighbours and complain: the octopus is a mess, the crab is an idiot, the jellyfish is spineless, the silver fish is obsessed with glamour, the eel is too slippery, and all the shallow water fish are limited and without depth. This takes place, in every house, in every city, all over the world.

Criticism is so widely spread that some consider it the ultimate social skill and are constantly polishing their expertise. They are unaware that the stronger the stream of criticism flows, the further happiness drifts away....

Two thousand five hundred years ago, the Buddha gave a small discourse on criticism. He said that while it is easy to observe and point out other people's faults, it is extremely difficult to see one's own. He also said that most people hide their faults, like a dishonest gambler hides unlucky cards. The Bedouins of the desert have a similar saying – A camel cannot see his own hump!

So how can we see our own humps? To solve this riddle we must realize that we are not able to criticize our own humps, because the hump is the very place where criticism comes from.

When we discover "what is wrong" with other people, we criticize them, but this criticism is entirely of our own fabrication, and it has nothing much to do with the people themselves. Our shortcomings, flaws and negativity are a reflection or projection of ourselves on others. Our hump is what criticizes other people for having a bigger hump.

This inner voice, residing in our transparent hump, guarantees its survival thanks to the satisfying feeling we get from patronizing others. It specializes in finding their faults and feeds off the elation the feeling of superiority gives us.

If we lack a sense of self-worth, criticism becomes our way of avoiding self-examination. Becoming aware of this is an important step in the right direction.

The next step is to have the courage and fortitude to remove the hump and consciously rid our lives of obsessive criticism. Not only must one decide to do this, which is a huge step in itself, it is imperative to constantly remind ourselves not to falter on this decision. Try writing yourself little notes and stick them on all the mirrors in your house, make it a conscious effort - because it is so very easy to go back to criticizing everything again.

Your hump has a knack of playing tricks on you by telling you that you have a good sense of self-criticism, don’t be deceived by this. It is a very common deception. All forms of criticism come from the same hump....

When the positive spotlight is turned within it has nothing whatsoever to do with condemnation, disapproval or judgement. When YOU look inside of yourself, it is called wakefulness, mindfulness and awareness, not criticism.

The realization that you are neither superior nor inferior to anyone is a very high spiritual achievement. When this understanding is no longer purely intellectual but goes to the deepest level of your heart, it will give you the freedom that you seek, and also allow you the freedom of letting everyone else, be exactly who they are and whatever they choose to be.

The person who doesn't feel he is superior behaves without pretension and one who knows that he is not inferior feels no fear. 

"One hundred percent ordinary,
Is extra-ordinary.
From moment to moment,
Without judgement,
The truth we seek is reality itself."

-Nissim Amon

Friday 23 August 2013

La Rentreée 2013 

Hi everyone and how are you?
Those of you who weren't here with me, this summer, I hope it was great wherever you were.

When you travel, and if you will be traveling soon as I will be this September for my retreat, there is a valuable resource in the website Yoga Trail.

Here you can look up yoga studios at your destination and read some reviews.
Speaking of which, when you click on this link you will see the Centre de Yoga du Marais in Paris.  If you would be so kind, and if you are really enjoying my classes, would you like to post a  review of the Centre here and what you like about the atmosphere?  Teachers, feel free to leave your names here, too on the site, for visibility and reviews.  Thank you, I appreciate it!

I was so inspired by all this free time, long beautiful days in Paris, balmy evenings, teaching and practicing a great deal, I am looking forward to sharing my discoveries with you.  September 2, I'm back to the full schedule and the staff will be returning as well.

There will be no community class, September 1, the exceptional White Yoga event will be taking place and I will be there as well as many yogis in Paris.  September 1 is also the Ganesh Festival in the 10th arrondissement.  It will be a great day to be with community outside.

September is back to school time and another occasion in the year for us to reinvent and reinvest in what is important to us.  And no matter how long we've practiced, it's a time to ask questions, go deeper, merge with Greater Meaning.  I recently updated the bibliography I had posted in 2007 under "Articles and Essays" which is a good page to go to for resources as well, to read and learn some more- about chants we sing in class, for example.  Have a look when you are curious to read more.

Here's a little gift for you for your back to school inspiration.  I'm looking forward to spending another autumn with you and your friends that come with you to the Centre.  Looking forward to seeing you!
(My classes are covered while I am in Greece from September 10-23.)

The following are some of my favorite yoga and related reading titles.
The Tree of Yoga and
Light on Life by B.K.S. Iyengar also recommended are Light on Yoga and
Light on Pranayama
A wonderful overview on yoga, the practice and philosophy for newcomers:
Living Yoga, a Comprehensive Guide to Daily Life by Georg Feuerstein 
Living Your Yoga by Judith Lasater

The Heart of Yoga by T.K.V. Desikachar
Actually all books written by the two authors above are wonderful, Feuerstein is my favorite writer on yoga. Also good are his Yoga, a Shambhala guide and Yoga Gems.

Yoga and Ayurveda, Self-Healing and Self-Realization, by David Frawley
Anatomy of the Spirit by Caroline Myss
The Language of Yoga, A Complete Guide to asana names, sanskrit and chants by Nicolai Bachman

Beautiful Reading:
Autobiography of a Yogi; Paramahansa Yogananda
My Guru and His Disciple; Christopher Isherwood
Bhagavad Gita; translation by Stephen Mitchell (there are many other translations, of course.)
The Living Gita, commentary by Sri Swami Satchidananda
The Power of Myth; Joseph Campbell
Care of the Soul; Thomas More
The Upanishads by Eknath Easwaran
The Bhagavad Gita According to Gandhi

The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali by Sri Swami Satchidananda and
Reflections on the Yoga Sutras by TKV Desikachar

There are beautiful books on the teachings of the Buddha, edited by Jack Kornfield.

Yoga for Body, Breath and Mind; A.G. Mohan
Yoga of Heart; Mark Whitwell
Yoga Body, Buddha Mind; Cyndi Lee
Jivamukti Yoga; Sharon Gannon and David Life
The Anatomy of Hatha Yoga; H. David Coulter
Anatomie pour le movement; Blandine Calais-Germain
Méditer Jour après Jour; Christophe André
The Mudras; Gertrude Hirschi
Perfect Health; (Ayurveda) Deepak Chopra

Salut à toutes et a tous, vous allez bien?
J’espère que celles et ceux qui ne m'ont pas rendu visite cet été aient bien profité de leurs vacances.

Quand vous voyagez, ou si vous allez vous déplacer bientôt, comme je le ferais en septembre lors du retrait, il y a un site web très pratique, Yoga Trail

Ici vous pourrez y trouver des renseignements à propos des centres de yoga dans les endroits de destination et lire quelques commentaires.
À ce sujet, en cliquant sur ce lien, vous trouverez aussi le Centre de Yoga du Marais à Paris. Si cela vous dit et que vous aimez bien mes cours, pourriez-vous s'il vous plaît poster un commentaire sur le Centre et son atmosphère?
Pour les professeurs, n'hésitez pas à laisser vos noms, pour vous faire repérer et noter.

Le temps libre, les soirs parfumés, les longues journées parisiennes, la pratique et l'enseignement m'ont inspirée d'avantage et j'ai hâte de partager tout cela avec vous. La totalité de mes cours, ainsi que le planning complet de tous les autres professeurs seront à nouveau actifs à partir du 2 septembre.

Il n'y aura pas de community class le 1 septembre, car l'événement spécial White Yoga se tiendra le même jour et j'y serai moi-même, aussi bien que beaucoup de yogis in Paris. Le premier septembre, dans le 10ème arrondissement, il y aura aussi le festival de Ganesh. Ce sera une grande opportunité pour tous se réunir en plein air.

Septembre est aussi le mois de la rentrée scolaire et c'est une nouvelle occasion de se réinventer et de réinvestir en ce qui nous tient à cœur le plus. Peu importe pendant combien longtemps nous avons pratiqué, le moment est venu de nous poser des questions, de plonger à fond, de joindre avec une connexion plus profonde. Je viens tout juste de mettre à jour sur mon blog la bibliographie, que j'avais postée en 2007 sous "Articles and essays"; cette page est une ressource aussi pour lire et en savoir un peu plus, à propos des chants que nous chantons pendant les cous, par exemple. 

Saturday 30 March 2013

Special May Workshop

Cher tous!

On est ouvert tout le weekend de Pâques, community class, inclus avec Rebecca.  Dimanche soir avec Caroline.

Sauvez le date!
Un atelier magnifique avec Peter Sterios fondeur de Manduka et le créateur de Gravity and Grace, la résultat des années d'expérience profonde dans la pratique de yoga.
Il est un ami proche, et un de mes enseignants qui m'inspire beaucoup.
Bulletin d'inscription dessous.  Places limitées.  19/20 mai.

A very special weekend with Peter Sterios  accompanied by the beautiful musicianship of Moose and Sheela.   

Singing in yoga, called Kirtan, is when we blend our voices together in the expression of joy.  This very special concert which includes our singing, will be presented at a larger venue so more can join:
Gérald and Linda's Ashtanga Yoga Paris at 40 Ave de la Republique, 75011.
19 May 18h00-20h00

The Hatha Workshop will be at the Centre de Yoga du Marais

All Level Class  Sunday
GRAVITY & GRACE: The Power of Surrender and Intuitive Response
with Peter Sterios
Often we begin the journey of yoga working with muscles and skeletal structure, creating shapes or movements with the body based on generalized rules of alignment. As with most endeavors, through the consistency of practice, awareness of subtler forces grows, and usually paradox is created - what was regarded as correct at one level of practice is not necessarily correct at another. And it is through the discarding of old ways of seeing, those that no longer serve our most creative potential, that evolution occurs and growth results.

During this class, discover your ability to recognize and release habitual patterns of movement and posture, and re-"mind" yourself of the infinite grace and creativity we are all capable of. There will be a short lecture, followed by a three-part practice, including  gravity supported movement and meditation, with light-handed guidance from a senior instructor and support from the inherent energy of people doing yoga together. It will help you fine tune and energize your yoga practice, no matter the style, and cultivate intuition born from your own personal experience. 

Students at all levels are welcome. 

Master Class Monday
NATURE & INSPIRATION: Integrating the Subtle into your Practice and Teaching
with Peter Sterios
In this unique workshop, learn how to source inspiration for choreographing your practice or your classes. The program will focus on techniques to connect with the power of Nature to grow your relationship to yoga, and ultimately your life.  Nature exists all around us and within us, and we often overlook opportunities to source this healing force as a way to restore balance in our personal physiology and psychology. Ideas and forms of practice will be shared, based on Peter's 35 years of insight on how the experience of our inner and outer Natures support those who maintain their connection to them.

The class is designed for teachers and intermediate practitioners, and will be part lecture, part dynamic practice.  

Peter Sterios 

Peter Sterios is a yoga instructor, writer, and architect who lives in San Luis Obispo, California. He leads yoga workshops, teacher trainings, and retreats internationally. His DVD, Gravity & Grace, was honored in the "top 15 yoga videos of all time" by Yoga Journal in 2009. For the last two years, he was one of a select group invited to teach yoga at the White House for Michele Obama's anti-obesity initiative.  He is also the founder of Manduka, a leading eco yoga products company known worldwide.

Dimanche 13h30-16h30, 19 mai.                       Centre de Yoga du Marais- 72 rue du Vertbois- 75003 Paris
Lundi 18h30-21h00, 20 mai.                              Centre de Yoga du Marais
Kirtan Dimanche 18h00-20h00 19 mai.              Ashtanga Yoga Paris - 40 Ave de la Republique - 75011 Paris 


May 19   55 euros.....................
May 20   45 euros.....................

Kirtan Dimanche 20 euros...........................

Votre place est confirmé après réception de paiement pour le stage de votre choix.

Vous pouvez envoyer le cheque à l'ordre de Michelle JacobiMichelle Jacobi