Thursday 24 February 2011

Meditation 26 Februrary, 18h30

Meditating on Peace
What I found especially moving these past few days when closely following the news from Africa and the Mideast was that when the peoples of Libya and Bahrain discovered they were cut off from cell service and the internet, they had just one plea, that we remember them in our thoughts and prayers.  That we support their non-violent movement for peace and that we understand their desire and quest for a full life of freedom.  And, as in the victorious movements of Egypt and Tunisia that we recognize every human need to feel honor, in every aspect of life, to have one's needs acknowledged and one's need to be a contributing member of our society on this earth fulfilled.  That life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness are inalienable rights to all the citizenry of the world.  The ancients described this as fullness or 
We are living and witnessing a very dramatic and exciting time.  I am humbled by the bravery of those who are fighting for their freedom and am in deep appreciation to all who have dedicated their insights and access to education to bring those less fortunate in touch with each other, that it is easier for us now to reach out to those in darkness than ever before.  Not only do all these ingredients come together to create peace they create purna.

Available from the NYT on line is a picture of a young Libyan boy with eyes glowing with the light of awakening, as he salutes the camera in a looted military uniform.
Thoughts and intentions sent out, matter.  They also send out matter.

This is our yogic prayer to him and his fellow countrymen.
We are all united.

May auspiciousness be unto all.
May peace be unto all.
May fulness be unto all.
May prosperity be unto all.


May all be happy.
May all be free from disabilities.
May all look to the good of others.
May none suffer from sorrow.


Meditation this Saturday evening, Feb 26.  18h30.  Centre de Yoga du Marais

Saturday 12 February 2011

Quoi de neuf en février

Dear Everyone,
I hope you are well and planning to come and see us all this February. Short news for a short month.
All the classes will be held through the vacation except for Mommy and Me.

Tatiana Abbey-Chartier is taking over the Mommy and Me and prenatal program as of Friday, March 4. You can still finish your cards with her and with me and your renewals will be with Tatiana for these classes. You can read more about Tatiana on the blog. She will also teach prenatal next week. The times remain the same.

New additional class as of Friday, March 4.
Fridays at 12h15 level I with Tatiana.

The next meditation evening will be Saturday evening, February 26. Meditation at 18h30. Dinner following at 19h30.
Be well!


Chers tous,
J'espère que vous allez bien et avez prévu de venir au centre en ce mois de février. Voici quelques brèves pour ce mois bref.
Toutes les classes sont maintenues pendant les vacances scolaires, sauf "Mommy and Me".

Tatiana Abbey-Chartier prends le relai sur "Mommy and Me" et sur le programme prénatal à compter du vendredi 4 mars.
Vous pouvez bien entendu terminer vos cartes avec elle et moi, et vos renouvellements seront avec Tatiana pour ces cours.
Rendez-vous sur le blog pour plus d'infos sur Tatiana. Elle fera aussi le cours prénatal la semaine prochaine. L'heure reste inchangée.

Nouvelle classe à partir du vendredi 4 mars : Les vendredis à 12h15, niveau I avec Tatiana.
Le cours de Christine 10h00 les lundi sont annulés.

La prochaine session de méditaiton aura lieu le samedi 26 février à 18h30, suivi du diner à 19h30.
Portez-vous bien !

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