Saturday 30 March 2013

Special May Workshop

Cher tous!

On est ouvert tout le weekend de Pâques, community class, inclus avec Rebecca.  Dimanche soir avec Caroline.

Sauvez le date!
Un atelier magnifique avec Peter Sterios fondeur de Manduka et le créateur de Gravity and Grace, la résultat des années d'expérience profonde dans la pratique de yoga.
Il est un ami proche, et un de mes enseignants qui m'inspire beaucoup.
Bulletin d'inscription dessous.  Places limitées.  19/20 mai.

A very special weekend with Peter Sterios  accompanied by the beautiful musicianship of Moose and Sheela.   

Singing in yoga, called Kirtan, is when we blend our voices together in the expression of joy.  This very special concert which includes our singing, will be presented at a larger venue so more can join:
Gérald and Linda's Ashtanga Yoga Paris at 40 Ave de la Republique, 75011.
19 May 18h00-20h00

The Hatha Workshop will be at the Centre de Yoga du Marais

All Level Class  Sunday
GRAVITY & GRACE: The Power of Surrender and Intuitive Response
with Peter Sterios
Often we begin the journey of yoga working with muscles and skeletal structure, creating shapes or movements with the body based on generalized rules of alignment. As with most endeavors, through the consistency of practice, awareness of subtler forces grows, and usually paradox is created - what was regarded as correct at one level of practice is not necessarily correct at another. And it is through the discarding of old ways of seeing, those that no longer serve our most creative potential, that evolution occurs and growth results.

During this class, discover your ability to recognize and release habitual patterns of movement and posture, and re-"mind" yourself of the infinite grace and creativity we are all capable of. There will be a short lecture, followed by a three-part practice, including  gravity supported movement and meditation, with light-handed guidance from a senior instructor and support from the inherent energy of people doing yoga together. It will help you fine tune and energize your yoga practice, no matter the style, and cultivate intuition born from your own personal experience. 

Students at all levels are welcome. 

Master Class Monday
NATURE & INSPIRATION: Integrating the Subtle into your Practice and Teaching
with Peter Sterios
In this unique workshop, learn how to source inspiration for choreographing your practice or your classes. The program will focus on techniques to connect with the power of Nature to grow your relationship to yoga, and ultimately your life.  Nature exists all around us and within us, and we often overlook opportunities to source this healing force as a way to restore balance in our personal physiology and psychology. Ideas and forms of practice will be shared, based on Peter's 35 years of insight on how the experience of our inner and outer Natures support those who maintain their connection to them.

The class is designed for teachers and intermediate practitioners, and will be part lecture, part dynamic practice.  

Peter Sterios 

Peter Sterios is a yoga instructor, writer, and architect who lives in San Luis Obispo, California. He leads yoga workshops, teacher trainings, and retreats internationally. His DVD, Gravity & Grace, was honored in the "top 15 yoga videos of all time" by Yoga Journal in 2009. For the last two years, he was one of a select group invited to teach yoga at the White House for Michele Obama's anti-obesity initiative.  He is also the founder of Manduka, a leading eco yoga products company known worldwide.

Dimanche 13h30-16h30, 19 mai.                       Centre de Yoga du Marais- 72 rue du Vertbois- 75003 Paris
Lundi 18h30-21h00, 20 mai.                              Centre de Yoga du Marais
Kirtan Dimanche 18h00-20h00 19 mai.              Ashtanga Yoga Paris - 40 Ave de la Republique - 75011 Paris 


May 19   55 euros.....................
May 20   45 euros.....................

Kirtan Dimanche 20 euros...........................

Votre place est confirmé après réception de paiement pour le stage de votre choix.

Vous pouvez envoyer le cheque à l'ordre de Michelle JacobiMichelle Jacobi

Saturday 2 March 2013

March news

Spring renewal.

Spring is just about here and with the little flower buds starting to pop up, they remind me that we can always begin again, with whatever we wish to endeavor.
If you've been away from your practice for a while or just feel a little stuck in your evolvement, Spring comes to remind us we can just go back to beginner's mind and that first blush of excitement we felt for our practice.  It's always there, we can always go and get it back and take it to the next level.

I'm here for all my classes during the Spring vacations.  I had a beautiful break and meditation retreat.  My Spring detox practice and workshop is on Sunday, March 24th, details here:

There is still room, please let me know if you would like to attend,

And, I'm leading the next 2 Sunday community classes, hope to see you really soon!
Thinking of you all!

You are what your deep driving desire is.
As your desire is so is your will.
As your will is, so is your deed.
As your deed is, so is your destiny.

Upanishad 3

Le renouveau du printemps. 
Le printemps point le bout de son nez avec les petits bourgeons qui arrivent, me rappelle toujours que nous pouvons toujours tout recommencer.
Si vous n'avez pas pratiqué votre yoga depuis un petit moment, ou si vous vous sentez coincés, le printemps est là pour nous rappeler à tous, que nous pouvons nous remettre dans l'état d'esprit d'un débutant avec son excitation pour découvrir la pratique. Cette pensée est toujours là, et que nous pouvons tous nous y retourner. 

Je suis présent pour tous mes cours pendant les vacances, aussi pour les cours "community", le 3 et 10 mars.  

Il reste encore des place pour l'atelier de dimanche, 24mars, detox pour printemps!  Détails sur le site.

J'éspère tout va bien, et on se revoir très bientôt!


Michelle Jacobi

Friday 1 March 2013

My French Birthday

I just looked at the calendar.  It's my 12th French birthday!

Twelve years ago, I arrived, single with my little dog.  No job, few friends, but I had an apartment, high hopes and dreams for new beginnings.  I spent the day, today sharing yoga with the Centre's beautiful yoga students, visited my first flat, dreamed of playing with Lucy while snuggling Sally, and tonight I'll be with my husband who's cooking up a storm so that we can share food with a few of the friends I am so lucky to have made along the way.  I'm grateful for the last 12 years.  Thank you, Paris.