Tuesday, 8 September 2020

Michelle checking in :) + YTT

Hello Dear Students,

This early in September it's hard to say how long the online classes will continue it really depends on  how this virus continues to grow,

but I foresee moving some classes to the center in tiny groups of 3-5, maybe even next month.  Again, we just don't know.  I'm paying close attention to all the information out there and relying on my instincts too, about doing the right thing.


I do know how to keep us all safe though and have gotten some great advice from other yoga studio owners.  But, personally I feel good teaching from home for this month, and the vast majority of my students feel the same way.


Equally important, is the need for society, community to be together and I think it is really an important moment to do the YTT.  Our group is small and I know how we could manage in our studio, with masks when we are nearer and me in a mask all the time.  I've gotten some great advice from a good friend who just led a YTT and the recent graduates were so happy for the time they made for this, for their mental health.


I have also decided that to better manage the studio, it is easier for me to be the exclusive teacher.  It's quite fatiguing keeping up on compliance with the other renters and 

I can assure always the cleanliness of the place when it is just me.  When we are back, our temperatures will also be taken before each session and we will all do the best to keep each other safe.


Overview and more details are also on the website.


~200 hours Certified with Yoga Alliance


~ 17 weekends that we decide upon together over a 5-6 month period.  We meet in the afternoons to early evening.


~ Your classes are free with me during the course of the YTT


~ Unlimited access to the studio which is ours during the course of the YTT.


All materials and breakdown of the course you can find here:



Let me know what you think.

Om shanti, shanti, shanti,






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Monday, 7 September 2020

Gentle Reminder


Hello dear Students,   La Rentrée

A gentle reminder that I will send you each a link for each class after you reserve.  Please do tell me as far ahead of time as you can that you are coming into the online class?  But you can also let me know right away as well through text, Whats App or email, too.

Tonight is Gentle Yoga Hatha Doux 18h30.

Merci et à plus!

Om shanti,