Tuesday, 21 November 2017

Happy Thanksgiving

Giving thanks for all the special things that happen daily that ask us to notice them.  Things that keep us healthy and balanced and remind us of Love.    It's those tiny things that add up to a beautiful life.

Celebrating 16 years this weekend on Nov 25, Thanksgiving weekend is when we opened our doors.

Handmade candle from my lovely niece, India.

Bonne fin d'année.
I will see you in the new year.
Joyeuses Fêtes!  Happy Happy Holidays!  Let your light shine.  

Wednesday, 30 August 2017

La Bonne Rentrée 2017

La Bonne rentrée,
Eight months of soul-searching and inner work has kept me from writing and sharing beyond what I give in each class for you.  But, what this time off has done for me, to delve in the inner and shy away from the outer distractions that have been tearing our spirit apart is, it has firmed my resolve to stay the path, to speak out against injustice to show and share how the yoga tools benefit us all and I will be there wherever I am needed.

I am doing an immersion of 200 hours for those who would like to go deeper in their practice and/or become teachers and guides themselves.  I will continue to be here to help all of you teachers as well.
The program is full as of this writing and there is a waiting list.  I'll do my best to continue to bring wonderful teachers and workshops to the center.

We have two new teachers in our midst, Laurence Barré, Tuesdays at 19h45 and Olga Spirkina, Mondays at 10h00.  We have an Open House on Sept 24 beginning with the community class and you can come and meet them.   All classes are complimentary up to and including the meditation that day at 19h00.  In recognition of the International Day of Peace, our Porte Ouverte is there simply for us to be together to remind us that in community we are stronger, we are better.

Here is to the new year and our higher selves.

Sharing some photos and essays on this blog from the USF Semester Abroad Program.  Dancers studying in Berlin and Paris and learning Raja and Hatha Yoga.

 Our Sally reminding us it's all about the Joy that's always there when we just gotta do what we gotta do!

Thursday, 22 December 2016

Bonne fin d'année!

Je prend un petit pause, jusqu'au 3 janvier, 2017

J'ai apprécie énormément les moments de partage en 2016 et c'est avec plaisir et gratitude que j'attends avec impatience et passion nos prochains rencontres.
Om Shanti,

This year has challenged all of us in so many ways, and it is my hope as your teacher that you have found some moments of peace and grace on your mat and in the between spaces in your busy days.  I feel enormous gratitude for the gifts that come from this practice and particularly for the sharing that comes from being a teacher and being a part of your lives.
And for all of you new to me, I am happy to have shared a moment with you in 2016 and look forward to many more.
Om Peace,

Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Fifth, Listen

Strive to understand

Credit to all photos Chérif Ezzeldin

Fourth, be content

Third, give

Because we need each other.

Second, practice truthfulness

And integrity.

Respond to the call that excites your spirit.  Rumi.

Every journey leads home to the Self.