Thursday, 22 December 2016

Bonne fin d'année!

Je prend un petit pause, jusqu'au 3 janvier, 2017

J'ai apprécie énormément les moments de partage en 2016 et c'est avec plaisir et gratitude que j'attends avec impatience et passion nos prochains rencontres.
Om Shanti,

This year has challenged all of us in so many ways, and it is my hope as your teacher that you have found some moments of peace and grace on your mat and in the between spaces in your busy days.  I feel enormous gratitude for the gifts that come from this practice and particularly for the sharing that comes from being a teacher and being a part of your lives.
And for all of you new to me, I am happy to have shared a moment with you in 2016 and look forward to many more.
Om Peace,

Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Fifth, Listen

Strive to understand

Credit to all photos Chérif Ezzeldin

Fourth, be content

Third, give

Because we need each other.

Second, practice truthfulness

And integrity.

Respond to the call that excites your spirit.  Rumi.

Every journey leads home to the Self.

First, do no harm

Be unafraid.

Be the change

Seek truth.