Tuesday, 29 September 2020

Re: Nouvelles pour nous!

Hi Michelle, 

This is good news. I'm so looking forward to joining the space again as I shared already. 

I understand that other mates will have preference if they have already purchased a card or kept connected through online classes. 
Would you please let me know what are the options for me? I'm still interested in the YTT you mentioned if that comes to be materialized. Just as a step in learning and understanding my body and self better. 

If you'll keep the daily schedules listed on the blog then I'm sure I can figure what the options are there (: 

Looking forward to your reply! FYI I can do all evening except for Mondays until December. So I'll be happy to start slowly maybe with twice a week yoga. 

Sending you a warm hug, and looking forward to seeing you again. 


On Sep 28, 2020, at 9:46 PM, Michelle Jacobi <yoga@yogamarais.com> wrote:

Bon soir,
Je voudrais partager des nouvelles que je viens de découvrir.  
Le Centre de Yoga du Marais est la catégorie R, lieux d'enseignement et centres de loisirs.

Or, le texte complet du décret préfectoral, qui a tardé à circuler, stipule que ce ne sont que les établissements L, M et X qui doivent fermer.
D'après la lecture, nous avons donc le droit de continuer nos activités, et je peux ouvrir avec 3-5 personnes dans la salle.

Nous devons tous, évidemment, continuer à respecter le protocole sanitaire strict mis en place :  
• gel hydro-alcoolique,
• distance sociale,
• port du masque jusque sur le tapis,
• obligation de venir avec votre matériel (tapis personnel ou une grande serviette pour couvrir nos tapis.)



I received news that indeed I can have students in the room, respecting the above protocole.
It has to do with the category of teaching, that the Centre de Yoga du Marais adheres to.

I would like to add that I do have a thermometer, a scanner and I will be taking the temperature of each one that comes to the center.
If this is a problem for you, please do continue with us on line.  I would like to do all I can to be part of our beautiful city coming out of
this pandemic.

Please reserve for classes in advance and I will guide you with forms of payment that will be convenient for us, if
you do not already have a card with me.
All the information is on the website.  yogamarais.com

Au plaisir de vous saluer!

Michelle Jacobi   C-IAYT, ERYT-500
Centre de Yoga du Marais
72 rue du Vertbois
75003 Paris France
0033 (0)6 31 91 92 12

Michelle Jacobi

Centre de Yoga du Marais
72, rue du Vertbois
75003 Paris
0033 (0)1 42 74 24 92
0033 (0)6 31 91 92 12

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