Thursday, 16 July 2020

Niv. II/III Ether Element

18h30 16 juillet


 Ether Element     

In deep relaxation I feel all of you in the different parts of the world resting in the absolute, the oneness the presence that is always there.  No matter what the environment is sending to our senses, I feel you may be hearing the sound of a siren passing, the breaks of a bus in a sudden stop, the sound of a sudden gust of wind through branches or leaves, crickets or chirping of birds, a dog, laughter, footsteps on the stairs, your washing machine, and I realize that not only did all of us have our own unique experience in the yoga practice we just completed with each other, our environments continue to exert their own uniqueness on our lives.  

Through video I have experienced an even broader reality if you can call that which comes from a screen a reality, but it is. I feel an appreciation of where we all are and what we all have to come to terms with each day, and how ever more it is important to drop into Savasana.  Savasana.  Always remembering we are everything, we are everywhere, we are one.  

What effects one of us, effects us all.